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Giuseppe Uncini - Dimore

27/09/2016 - 12/11/2016

Lunedì / Sabato 10-13  15-19
Monday / Saturday 10-13  15-19

L’esposizione  è  accompagnata da un catalogo con testi di Bruno Corà.

The exhibition  is  accompanied   by  a  catalog with texts by Bruno Corà

Represented Artists:

The exhibition presents a selection of artworks by Giuseppe Uncini; a special attention is drawn to to the bodyworks of sculptures nominated by the artist himself progressively Dimora delle cose (1979-1981), Dimore (1980-1986) and,in the end, Muri d'ombra (1986-1987). In this specific artistic production Giuseppe Uncini expresses his main concepts related to architectural forms, to the feeling, to to the action of living and to the point that he reaches and creates this “Paradigma Morfologico”(Morphological Paradigm).
This concept of “Paradigma Morfologico that the artist has come up with by the second half of the sixties, it is expressed by these new “living” intuition that are no longer abandoned but they are shown and expressed by the artist through the different facets of artworks such as Mattoni (1969-1971), Ombre (1972-77) and Interspazi (1978-1988). In a process that aims the innovative conception of solid forms, whose dimensions are untouchable but existing, the Dimore acquire a definition role comparing to the autonomous principle of constructive that Giuseppe Uncini had started with Cementarmati (1959).

In addition to the numerous examples of these fundamental productions the exhibition highlights the artworks realized in the first decades of Giuseppe Uncini’s activity. This selection includes various cycle of artworks including - Spazi di ferro (1987-1996), Spazicemento (1993-2000), Muri di cemento (2001-2004) and  Architetture (2004-2007) – predicted nowadays as the most authentic artistic creations of the XX  century, these are artworks are able to make visible the concept expressed by Hölderlin in “"Poetically Man Dwells”.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog curated by Bruno Corà.