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Bertozzi&Casoni - Non ricordo

23/02/2015 - 11/04/2015

Lunedì / Sabato 10-13  15-19
Monday / Saturday 10-13  15-19

L’esposizione  è  accompagnata da un catalogo con testi di Federico Sardella.

The exhibition  is  accompanied   by  a  catalog with texts by Federico Sardella.

Represented Artists:

The Galleria Tega is pleased to present the exhibition of Bertozzi & Casoni, a Company founded in Imola in 1980 by Giampaolo Bertozzi (b. 1957 in Borgo Tossignano, Bologna) and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni (b. 1961 in Lugo di Romagna, Ravenna). From the beginning their work has been addressed towards an interaction with the great tradition of art and to developing an original vocation for experimenting their research in the field of sculpture by using painted ceramics as their only element for the creation of their works.
In an interview given to Federico Sardella, this is how the two artists explain these new sculptures proposed for their Milanese exhibition at the Galleria Tega: "Our Pinocchio moves on from the idea of a very dear Pinocchio, a friend of happier days, a childhood companion of games and adventures, to a Pinocchio who no longer has anything in common with the carefreeness of childhood. Pinocchio has irreversibly aged and has remained half marionette and half human. In his contradicted humanity he takes on and bears all the suffering of the whole of humanity. [...] Pinocchio is a book for everyone. The 'path it runs' involves the completion of a person, from A to Z: Pinocchio is born a marionette and finally becomes human. [...] Our interest in Pinocchio dates back to a long time ago. Inside our artistic career it 'insinuated' itself at the point in time in which we became aware that art is nothing other than a lie. In fact, art doesn't offer us answers. Rather, it generates in us continuous, infinite questions".
Besides a large polychrome ceramic sculpture entitled Non Ricordo which depicts an aged Pinocchio whose body is gaunt, its back curved, its face like parchment and its heart tormented by a thousand worms, seated on a large stack of books dedicated to him, the exhibition also presents a group of correlated works that in turn draw their inspiration both from Carlo Collodi's novel and from the classical repertory by Bertozzi & Casoni.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog containing a text and an interview by Federico Sardella, photographs of all the pieces on exhibit and the reproduction of a series of more than thirty works created by the artists from the opening years of 2000 up until today.