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Piero Dorazio - Grids

05/05/2014 - 28/06/2014

Lunedì / Sabato 10-13  15-19
Monday / Saturday 10-13  15-19

L’esposizione  è  accompagnata da un catalogo con testi di Luciano Caprile edito da Silvana Editoriale.

The exhibition  is  accompanied  by a catalog with texts by Luciano Caprile published by Silvana Editoriale.

Represented Artists:

From May 5 to June 28, the Galleria Tega Milan presents the exhibition "Dorazio. Grids". In the circumstances are proposed about thirty works of great quality focus in particular on artistic research that Piero Dorazio has successfully pursued in the late 50's and also in the next decade.
The exhibition starts from the chronological point of view, with Passport passaspesso, an oil on canvas on board, who still suffers the experience with the MAC (Concrete Art Movement) and the recent attendance in the United States of the New York Accademy. Then appears "Romance" of 1959, where a clear expression of its peculiarities that imposes itself in those years. An intention and a magic that in the Milan exhibition are renewed with "Primo Viaggio", a painting on canvas, 1961, made in shades of blue. "Time locker" always made in 1963, provides a variable composition declined from the dichotomy that stands vertically played a part in shades of yellow from another performed in shades of pink gray. Then gradually the lines expand and conquer an expressive self-intersecting with different shades and textures of changing visual seduction. This can be seen in "Untitled" made in 1967 and in "Impasse" made in the same year. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog published by Silvana Editoriale, with essays by Achille Perilli and Luciano Caprile.