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Achille Perilli - Dalla scrittura al fumetto

18/03/2013 - 11/05/2013

18 Marzo - 11 Maggio
Lunedì / Sabato 10-13 15-19

March 18 to May 11
Monday / Saturday 10-13 15-19

Represented Artists:

Following the 2008 exhibition of the Roman artist’s more recent works, Galleria Tega (Via Senato 20, Milan) is organizing a show from March 18 to May 11 of this year of around thirty paintings and works on paper from those magic early years of the 1960s, starting chronologically with a significant 1959 composition titled Nessuno nel deserto, a repeated mark that crosses and defines the space. In his paintings figures then appeared – slow-moving ectoplasms hanging in the air like in the 1962 work Erotica, a large vertical painting of distilled and ironic allusion to shape, and in Visibile e invisibile from 1963, split in rhythmic, evocative horizontal emotions separated by a panel of color. In 1967 Perilli reached his final juncture: shapeless forms clustered together creating that “insane geometry” of interesting intersections of lines that the artist would develop as a new conceptual and spatial measurement from 1968 onwards.
The show ends with this transition and focuses on the thrilling creative period of Perilli’s “writings” and “comics,” which terminates here with two significant examples from 1965 and 1966 titled, respectively, Oroscopo provvisorio and L’eccitante relax.  

The exhibition will include an extensive catalog edited by Luciano Caprile.